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Arisa Aoyama Asian hotties play nurse and one gets an enema while on break Lets Play Doctor. These two gorgeous babes are exploring the basement of a house and come upon an old medical chamber. It seems to be equipped with a lot of interesting objects. The girls decide to play some doctor games and continue their explorations inside each other's svelte young bodies. One plays nurse and one plays the patient, but they both take turns using speculums, thermometer, suction cups and an enema rig on each other. Jenna opens up Carol's pussy with a large speculum and takes a look inside. Carol and Jenna continue their fun with some baby play when they discover an assortment of things just right to turn Jenna into a proper baby. Carol powders and diapered her while she enjoys sucking on her pacifier and baby bottle. Jenna becomes a bit mischievous with her baby bottle and squirts her milk all over Carol's huge breasts and nipples. Then she tries out her bottle's nipple on Carol as a dildo. But as a baby, she eagerly suckles between Carols ivory thighs, before being put to bed with her bottle.good Milk Therapy. Lis is not a very discriminating nurse when working with her female patients. When Maya comes in for a routine examination but ends up with quite a different experience. Maya is prepared for her standard probing and prodding that will include a close look at her most inner folds. Nurse Lis opens Maya up wide with a speculum revealing a brilliant pink, inside both orifices. Maya questions the nurse about a slight problem with digestion and cramping. The good nurse prescribes a soothing and nourishing milk enema as therapy. Maya is set on hands and knees and her rectum is loaded with milk several times over. She accidentally squirts it out in a pure white gushing stream. Both girls are amused by the antic and decide to repeat the performance aiming for distance and volume. Lis attempts to catch a mid stream with her tongue. Soon the intimate indulgences of both girls degenerate into a squirting game. The session concludes with both girls covered with milk, Maya cured and Lis with a new-found therapy. Nurse Carol examines Jenna. Busty nurse Carol examines Jenna and gives her an enema
Valentina's Surprise. A visit to the doctor was never like this!! But Valentina is in for more than a routine examination. Her sexy swank doctor probes and prods every hole and orifice on Valentina's voluptuous body, delighting in her manipulations. Ecstatic with the sight and feel of her puffy virgina, the good doctor checks out her oral responsiveness with a gentle tongue massage. Then offers her patient a chance to try out the therapy. Enjoying her patient's embarrassment this sultry doctor gives an ample amount of attention to her rectum. Probing it with a thermometer, a suppository, a speculum exam and finally a warm soapy enema. She loves watching Valentina squirm and is delighted by her sensitivity when she administers a needle injection into her curvy tanned bottom cheek. Her patient is well enough to dispense with the exam and get down to some real bedside manners. In a quick change up, the doctor dons a strap-on dildo and tests her patient's orgasm. A delightful ending to her doctor visit, Valentina leaves with a promise for another check up very soon. Naughty nurse fun with enemas. Naughty nurse fun with enemas, anal probes and injections Arisa Aoyama Bad Asian nurses experimenting with enemas on break from work Sara visits her gyno doctor for pussy speculum exam and pussy enema
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